Friday, 1 February 2013

February Already

Time is the one thing that never stands still no matter where we are or what we do time is continuously moving, I start with this statement because I don’t believe it, it’s February 2013 already. Who like me remembers as clear as yesterday getting ready to celebrate the turn of the century 13 years ago, let alone the start of this new month now 13 hours ago.

Kim & I at Bentley Lodge saw our friends David & Veronica visit from South Africa in January. For those who don’t know we got married in the bush in South Africa in 2010, greatly recommended along with the places we stayed &

We also saw David & Val previous guests of Bentley Lodge move to Torquay, they love the place. Unfortunately for us we have lost some good guests but on the brighter side have gained some new local friends.

Previous owners Clive and James celebrated Clive’s 50 birthday, a great night out at the Princess Theatre  was had by all watching none other than The Rocky Horror Show .They will finally be moving to Tenerife in the next couple of months so we wish them well.

As a couple that loves walking in our spare time, we have to give a big thank you to Lorina & Ray (aka BARKINGMAD) who stayed at Bentley Lodge in January and introduced us to Geocaching . Geocaching is basically treasure hunting for fun loving adults, worth checking out the website, who knows it might be a new hobby for you. By the way BARKINGMAD is Ray ID name on Geocaching ours is TANDA-TULA look us up.

Finished the month ranked 3rd in Torquay on Tripadvisor so thank you to all who have stayed and left your lovely reviews for all to share, Thank You.

Finally there are great discounts to be had for those arranging a getaway this year, if booked before the end of February. For further details just visit